ER16 Hexagon Friction Bearing Nut – AA


ER16 Hexagon Friction Bearing Nut

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Our Swiss Made HI-GRIP ER Friction Bearing Coated Nuts offers Superior Gripping Performance & Accuracy so to give you optimal 100% performance from toolholder and cutting tools / Our HI-GRIP Coating feature enhances the clamping force by 70% / All our Nuts feature our EASY CLICK clip design for easy installing of all ER collets including ER Coolant Sealed Collets & Rigid Tap Collets / Our nuts are balanced by desgn for high speed operations / Our are made from higest quality materials properly machined and case hardened and then precision ground where required for superior performance in todays high tolerance world of machining / 100% for Inpected

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Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in


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